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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spring & Summer Sessions : Middle Georgia Photographer

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hooks - Veal Family Shoot : Middle Georgia Family Photographer

It goes without saying that this family is beautiful.  Seriously, look at the little girl - she just screams model!  And that adorable little boy??  I could have taken his photo all day.  This session was so. much. fun.  There was plenty of laughter, tickling, funny faces and messy feet.  I loved spending time with them and watching them interact with eachother - there was so much love!  It's one of the things I love about my job - watching families and witnessing the connection and love they have for one another.  You could tell that these two little cuties adored their mom and she adored them. 

P.S....Blogger is destroying my images - I have no idea why but it is frustrating me beyond belief!  These are NOT fuzzy - to see the clear image, just click on the photo! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rykard Wedding: Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

It has been quiet on the blog front again - I do apologize.  This time of year is busy, busy, busy.  The weather is gorgeous, the lighting is perfect and it's the time to get in those Christmas photos.  It is also the time for gorgeous weddings! 

Last year I had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous couple's engagement photos.  Right away I knew we were going to click - they were both wearing black chucks.  That was enough for me!  Then, when they told me that the groom and his groomsmen would be wearing chucks for the wedding I was officially smitten.  For anyone that knows me, you know that Converse are pretty much all I wear.  With pretty much everything! 

Fast forward to November 6th - it was a suprisingly cool and windy day - not typical for the beginning of November in middle Georgia.  I knew right away that the poor bride and her party were going to freeeze.  Despite the fact that they were shivering and their teeth were chattering, they were all awesome.  So patient, so kind and so much fun.  Seriously, the guys had me laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.  My cheeks still hurt! 

Joel, Amber, you guys were simply amazing.  I can't thank you enough for being so wonderfully patient and so gracious.  Your wedding was stunning as were the two of you.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Rykard!!!


I just love it when a couple chooses to do a "first sight" - it is SO much fun!!!!