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Monday, October 31, 2011

Tipton Family Sneak : Middle Georgia Family Photographer

It's been a while since I have posted a family session, hasn't it?!  Earlier this month I had the opportunity to work with this super fun family.  They were totally up for sitting on a couch in the middle of downtown and just having fun....now that's my kind of family session!

Okay, these two photos crack. me. up.  When I asked what they would normally be doing at home - they told me X-Box, ESPN, putting on makeup, playing with stuff and texting!  So, a quick trip home (thanks hubby!!) and we had everything we needed to re-create a typical moment at home!  Love how it turned out too - a spin on the typical family photo ;)  The jumping shot was a lot of fun too - mom and dad didn't have a clue what was going on behind them lol!!

This guy kept me laughing - and what a smile he has!!

Aren't they beautiful!  I love the way mom is looking at her daughter in the first photo!!

A huge thank you to the Tipton family - thank you SO much for allowing me to capture your family.  You were all wonderful and so much fun to work with!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smith Bridals : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

Kaysie has grown to be one of my absolute favorite people.  From the very first time we met at her engagement session I thought she was one of the most incredible and warm people I had ever met.  Getting the chance to work with her these past few months has been a serious treat for me.  First because she's awesome and second because she's gorgeous!  She seriously makes my job SO easy.  She just glows and it comes through in the photographs.

For her bridals, we tossed around a few locations before finally deciding on the Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah, Georgia.  I had never been there but, when we pulled up I knew it was perfect!  The photos on the website didn't do the place justice!  Huge trees dripping with moss, beautiful foilage.  It was amazing.  We started off taking advantage of the gorgeous forest surrounding the area before we bumped into two ladies who pointed us in the direction of an amazing tree.  They shared a photo with us of the particular tree and we both looked at eachother at the same time with huge smiles.  Kaysie said, and I quote:  "you're going to put me in that tree aren't you!"  lol!!  I told her I would if she'd let me and she was all for it!  Talk about a photographer's dream client!!!

I can't wait to share photos of Kaysie's amazing wedding!  Keep checking back for sneaks! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Reiter Wedding Sneak Peek : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

I love when I get the opportunity to photograph the weddings of my friends, especially when they are one of my fellow photographers.  Brandi & Ryan's wedding was so beautiful and Brandi was the perfect, calm and easy going bride that I knew she would be.  Brandi constantly kept me updated on the details of all of the awesome things she was planning for the wedding - she handmade pretty much every detail of their big day.  Each and every last detail was gorgeous and just amazing.  Her style is incredible - she seriously blows me away.

We started at their home where Brandi was getting ready.  She was surrounded by loving family and friends and everyone was jumping in to help where they could.  She truly had an amazing support system!

Brandi had selected an awesome historic building for us to do her bridal party shots in.  It was seriously a dream come true for me!  The building was rustic and gorgeous.  The lighting was amazing!  I love every. single. one of these shots.  These girls worked the camera!

While Brandi went to relax before the ceremony, we grabbed Ryan for a few shots of his own!  I just loved this wall and knew we had to use it for his photos!

After Ryan's shots it was time for the big moment!  I loved the area Brandi & Ryan chose for their wedding - it was totally unique and so awesome!  Brandi custom designed and painted their arch - like I said, she totally blows me away with her talent!

After the ceremony we whisked Brandi and Ryan away for some photos of just the two of them - again, Brandi had chosen the perfect location for their shots!

Before we knew it, it was time to head in for the happy couple to be announced and share their first dance.  I just love these next two photo sets....I teared up during the father/daughter dance...it took all I had not to start bawling!!!

Remember those lovely details I talked about earlier?  Here are just a few of them...and look at that cake.  Can you stay stunning?  And that is buttercream folks!!!  It was delicious!!

Brandi and Ryan made CDs of some of their favorite music as favors for their guests - love this idea!

Brandi made these amazing flowers - they were quite simply gorgeous - and were the perfect touch to her decor!!!

I loved all of the vintage touches (including the cameras!!)

I love Ryan's expression as they cut into the cake - so funny!!!  lol!!!

Brandi had also created a fun little photo booth background where guests were welcome to come in and have us take their photo!  It was a great way to capture each guest!!

We seriously can't express how happy we are for this beautiful little family:

Brandi, Ryan, we had such an amazing time with you guys!  We can't wait for your family session next month - and we can't wait for the chance to hang out with you again!  We wish you the very best in your marriage and in life.  Congratulations you three!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lanier Wedding Sneak : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing Kendall and Andrew's beautiful wedding.  Mac was actually out of town for the event, so, my wonderful mother in law and my dear friend Brandi Reiter accompanied me.  As we pulled into the venue we were worried about the cloudy skies, but, thankfully the skies cleared! 

Kendall's eye for detail blew me away.  Her vintage theme was simply gorgeous - I couldn't take it all in fast enough!  Everything from the gorgeous flowers, to the vintage spools of thread, it was all amazing.

Kendall was surrounded by her wonderful (and super fun) bridal party.  They were by her side, helping and even, at one point, hiding her from the guests lol!

Kendall was a gorgeous bride - I absolutely loved her dress and her amazing shoes!  The dress looked so perfect on her - so stunning!

Kendall made her hair piece - isn't it amazing!?

The groom and his guys kept us laughing the. entire. time.  I'm surprised I was able to take the following photos - I was laughing hysterically!  They were up for all kinds of craziness and certainly didn't hold back.  Andrew was kind and patient and so wonderful to work with.

The ceremony was absolutely perfect - full of laughter, cheers, and love.

This wedding party was just awesome - they were so much fun and cool with whatever I asked them to do.

Kendall and Andrew were a dream couple to work with.  We were racing against the light, and they were complete naturals in front of the camera!

I just love Kendall's ring!  So gorgeous!

After photos, it was time to cut the cake - they were so sweet, no frosting anywhere!

And then it was time for partying and dancing to begin!!!  They all had a blast and danced the night away!

After a party to remember, it was time for the happy couple to head out - they were sent off with a ton of bird seed lol!!

Kendall, Andrew, thank you so much for allowing us to share your day with you.  You had an absolutely beautiful wedding!  We wish you never ending joy and happiness!! ♥♥♥