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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bennett Wedding : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

Last month we had the pleasure of photographing Megan and Zane's wedding.  We both loved the rustic, country feel that they had created - it was cozy and just lovely.  Every little touch was perfect, right down to Megan's cowboy boots! 

The day started out with Megan getting ready, surrounded by her bridesmaids and mom. They were there for her every step of the way!!

Megan and Zane decided to do a first sight so that they could get a portion of their photos completed before the ceremony.  I love it when couples decide to do a first sight - it's so much fun for us to witness the groom seeing his bride for the first time!

After the first sight we took off to the reception location and found a quiet spot to take photos of just the two of them.  The entire area was so gorgeous - I love the tall trees, the high grass and the lake behind them!

After the ceremony it was time to head to the reception.  We loved all of the little touches, the rustic lamps, the hanging Mason jars - all of it!

The wedding cake and the groom's cakes were both outstanding.  The fan on the groom's cake actually moved (and both were absolutely delicious!!)

We had SO much fun with this bridal party!  They were hilarious and kept us laughing the entire time.

After the group photos we headed back to the reception where the dancing commenced! 

Megan, Zane, we had a wonderful time with you both and we wish you nothing but happiness!!!  Thank you for being so much fun and so great to work with!!! ♥♥♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bennett Sisters : Middle Georgia Family Photographer

I met Samantha at one of my favorite stores in the mall several months ago and we clicked immediately over photography, and our love for owls and vintage.  Her sister ended up scheduling a surprise session for her (which I thought was incredibly sweet!!) and after a few months of waiting it was finally time for their session!  I was very excited to work with them - they are both funny and kind and beautiful.  It always takes a little time for clients to get comfortable in front of the camera - it's an odd feeling having someone point a lens at you and expect you to act natural.  But these girls were total champs and fell right into the routine!  Samantha was totally game for my ideas for her individual shots, right down to laying in the grass and getting a little dirty.  We had a blast exploring the area I had chosen for their session and I loved that they were so willing to work with me, even when it might have seemed like I was out of my mind lol!! 

Thank you both for such a fabulous session - I enjoyed every second of it!!!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hodges Family : Middle Georgia Family Photographer

I have worked with Elizabeth and her beautiful family before so I was extremely excited to do so again.  She has two of most beautiful and photogenic little girls I have had the pleasure of photographing.  They are SO much fun to work with - the girls keep me laughing and Elizabeth and her husband are so patient and kind.  The youngest had me laughing so hard I could barely snap the photos - it seems she developed a bit of a crush on Mac!  She took my man!  LOL!!!  We had a wonderful time with the Hodges - did a little bit of exploring and a lot of laughing - exactly what I love to do during a session.  It's families like theirs that make me truly LOVE my job.  They always keep an open mind and are receptive to my ideas and direction.  They are a true joy to photograph :)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lewis Wedding : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

When we met Casey for the first time we knew we were going to love working with her - she was detail oriented and creative....which always makes for a gorgeous and fun wedding.  But honestly she blew us away.  Completely and totally blew us away.  Every detail was beautiful and personal and so perfect for them. 

We started the day out at Casey's salon where she was putting the final touches on her hair and quickly moved over to the church where the ceremony was being held.  Casey's bridal party was amazing, helping her out in every way they could.  Casey's dress was absolutely stunning and she was literally glowing while she slipped it on!

I love that Casey made all of the flowers herself, right down to her bouquet - isn't it gorgeous?  I also love that she attached her mother's photo to the bouquet...so that her mom was with her as she walked down the aisle.

I just loved the ceremony - it was so sweet and touching.  I loved that they both wrote their own vows - it made the entire ceremony that much more personal and special.

I love how Bruce lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Casey coming down the aisle!!

This next set cracks me up - I love how happy Bruce looks as they are announced husband and wife!

After the ceremony we all took off for the venue where the reception was being held.  It was decorated absolutely beautifully - so many personal touches, from the moon pies and cola to the little straw wrappers. 

Before they were announced at the reception we snuck away for the party photos and the bride & groom's photos.  We had an absolute blast with this bridal party!!

I loved how the DJ introduced the bridal party - the dancing, the laughter - it was awesome!!

After dancing and cutting the cake it was time for the speeches!  The best man and maid & maitron of honor each gave funny and touching speeches!

After the speeches it was time for the partying to really start!  Casey and Bruce had a fabulous DJ who kept everyone moving and laughing.  We also loved working with the film crew - they were SO much fun and did such a wonderful job!!

Bruce cracked me up during the garter removal and toss - poor Casey was blushing and laughing!

Bruce & Casey, we had a fabulous time at your wedding. We wish you many years of wedded bliss!  Thank you so much for allowing us to share your special day with you!!!