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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giles & Shepherd Wedding : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

At the end of July I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this gorgeous couple in one of my favorite spots - North Georgia.  They were so wonderful to work with and looked right at home in the gorgeous landscape of the North Georgia mountains.  I had no doubt that their wedding was going to be beautiful and it was! 

The wedding was held at a beautiful location - The Inn At Still Pond.  Amber and Phillip couldn't have picked a better day for an outdoor wedding - the weather was just lovely - not too hot and not too buggy lol!

When I arrived Amber and her girls were getting ready.  While Amber was adding the finishing touches to her makeup and hair I took off with her dress for a few shots.  A couple of her bridesmaids came to help and clued me in on a little secret.  Phillip had had a sweet saying stitched into the inside of Amber's dress - all without her having any idea at all!  It was so incredibly sweet! 

Back in the room Amber was getting ready to slip on her dress when she noticed the stitching....

Amber's bridesmaids were just incredible - so helpful and funny and sweet.  I had an absolute blast working with them throughout the entire day and evening!  They were there for Amber every step of the way and kept her laughing.

And tell me this sweet girl isn't the most adorable little thing!!!

Amber was an absolutely stunning bride....

And these guys kept me laughing.  They were so much fun to work with - even when I did *supposedly!!* yell at them for not smiling lol!!! 

Before we knew it it was time for Amber and Phillip to walk down the aisle!  The ceremomy was lovely and sweet.  I love the look on Amber's face as she walks back down the aisle as Mrs. Shepherd!

After the ceremony it was time for more photos - we lost light fast.  Thankfully everyone was up for one of my crazy ideas - using car head lights to light up the front of the house.  It turned out to be SO much fun and I just love the results! 

After the photos it was time to head to the reception to enjoy delicious food, friends and family.  The attention to detail was just lovely - I love how the red just pops!

After the reception it was time for the big sparkler send off!!!  Just love these next two shots - so fun!

Phillip, Amber, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day.  It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and we enjoyed every minute of it!  Thanks for your patience, your kindness and your willingness to go along with what must have seemed, at first, as the craziest idea ever lol!!!  We wish you nothing but the best!  ♥♥♥

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shepherd Wedding : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

Last month I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple's special day.  The day started off beautifully - gorgeous skies and not too hot temperatures.  Genea was surrounded by a wonderful group of women who took care of her in any way that she needed. 

Despite the flurry of activity in the girls' room, Jody had managed to get his gift to Genea to her...a beautiful necklace! 

I loved that Genea carried her grandmother's handkerchief, tucked into her dress, with her down the aisle...

Before we knew it it was time for Genea to walk down the aisle!  She looked simply radiant and Jody couldn't wipe the grin off of his face!!

After a very sweet and lively ceremony it was time to cut the cake before heading out to take photos...the cake was just gorgeous and a total surprise for Genea and Jody!

The reception was filled with gorgeous and delicious food...the caterers did an amazing job - everything looked incredible!

After cutting the cake it was time for more photos!  This wedding party was so much fun to work with - so happy and up for anything I requested!  This next photo just brings a huge smile to my face...these poor guys, it took a few times but they finally got the jump synchronized perfectly lol!

While the day started out beautifully, shortly before the ceremony it started raining.  While the rain didn't last too terribly long, it made the day slightly muggier than average!  So, we played around with an umbrella we had on hand - it worked perfectly for providing some nice, cool shade!

Genea, Jody, thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your special day! You were both so wonderful to work with!!

♥♥♥ Jaime

Rodgers Sneak Peek : Middle Georgia Child Photographer

I have to say, I absolutely love photographing children - they are so full of life and innocence and pure joy.  This little guy was a blast to work with.  He kept us hopping from one spot to another, chasing us down with his toys and running around with pure abandon.  He kept us laughing until our sides hurt.  And, it goes without saying, he photographs beautifully.  He is a truly, truly gorgeous child!

See!  Told you he was gorgeous!  And so sweet too! 

♥♥♥ Jaime