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weddings, engagements and bridals in the middle Georgia area and beyond.


We adore our clients and love it when they share how much they loved their experience working with us.  It seriously means the world to us to hear that our clients enjoyed their time with us and are happy with the end result.


 "Jaime and Mac photographed our wedding and engagement photos--both sessions resulted in breath-taking photos and memories to last a lifetime! it is so refreshing to be able to work in a professional capacity with someone like Jaime and Mac. there is never a dull moment, and that is evident in their photography! words can not convey how much i recommend JW Photography. say no to generic photography!!! Jaime and Mac are the best if you want unique, personal photos to remember your most special moments. ♥ you guys! - Leann Holmes Griggs

"If you want a photography experience that is so-so and awkward pictures that turn out so-so…then JW Photography is NOT for you!! But if you are looking for a person that truly captures the beauty in every shot, Jaime is the photographer for you! She and Mac met with my future husband Jake and I at a local coffee shot for a “meet and greet” and chance to get to know each other before we booked them... for our wedding coming up in December. I am one of those who is ALL about making sure I have the right connection with people and that our personalities jive. The last thing in the world that I would ever want is an uncomfortable photographer who made the most important day of our lives, an awkward one full of stuffy poses, etc. But, right from the moment we met Jamie and Mac on that day, we knew they were the ones!! They are soooo easy to talk to and are so well versed in what they do! They shot our engagement session a few months after we met them, and we had the most pleasurable experience even though the elements were totally against us that day. It was SO hot, but Jaime made sure she got all the perfect shots. Jake and I both were burning up, and I just knew our pictures probably wouldn’t turn out that good because of the heat, but boy was I surprised! I don't know how she did it, but they were the BEST! I still to this day cannot choose my favorite! Jaime and Mac are shooting our wedding in December, and honestly it is the one detail of our wedding that I have NO stress over. I know they will do a GREAT job and the pictures will be absolutely beautiful, just as all their work is!!! I CANNOT WAIT !!! :)"- Melissa Dominy

"A B S O L U T E L Y, P O S I T I V E L Y, MAGNIFICENT WORK!!!!!! Will NEVER use another photographer besides Jaime and Mac as long as I live!!!!!!!!!!!! Love JW Photography!!!!! ♥" - Amber Kaye Shepherd

"be ready for a unique photographic experience!  we had the most amazing experience with Jaime and Mac while they documented our wedding. they were both incredibly personable and relaxed which made the otherwise very hectic day run very smoothly. Jaime is very knowledgeable at her craft and was able to adjust accordingly to the many variations of light and environment that we encountered that day. Jaime and Mac are an awesome team! Very professional in their demeanor as well as their product. We HIGHLY recommend these two! You will undoubtedly be amazed with the images they can create. - Brandi Reiter

 "Jaime and Mac are the nicest photograhers. They were soooooooo nice to me and my family. My son just loved Mac and Jaime. They are kind and courteous in what all they do. They are wonderful with children. Jaime did such an awesome job on my family photos. She captured the soft side of my husband with our baby son. I was blown away with pictures. I will use JW Photography for everything I do. My family pictures will always be done by Jaime. I love the prices, they are affordable to where I can get the pics i want. Jaime had them ready for viewing so fast. I will and do reccomend her to everyone i know." - Jennifer Boston

"Wonderful photographer and an amazing person...most fun I've ever had doing something I dont really like very much.. I will recommend jw photography to everyone until we take this thing worldwide." - Davy Cox

"Jaime and Mac are an awesome team. As long as they are around, NO ONE else will take my family's pictures! I won't settle for less. Jaime captured my family's personality and we have looked great in every photo she has taken of us (well, the ones we have seen, don't know about the ones that didn't make the cut!!! haha!). I don't know how she made us look great when it was 100 degrees outside!! JW Photography is amazing and their prices are as well. Well worth every penny if you want fun and one-of-a-kind pictures!" - Christina Murphy

"Nothing but wonderful things to say abut JW Photography! Jaime is an excellent photographer with a gift that is AMAZING! She never makes you feel uncomfortable or ackward, matter of fact she welcomes you in and before you know it you are laughing at her "accident prone" situations and without you even knowing it she is capturing the most amazing shots, even when she is falling or tripping she is taking picture and they are all WONDERFUL! Talent took ahold of Jaime and she ran with it!" - Valerie Herndon

"Jaime has taken soooo many Stunning pictures of my children. I am in love with how she captures exatly how precious they are, and is always willing to to go above and beyond to make everyone happy!! I would and do recomend her Work.!! Always Stunning!!" - Charlotte Dixon

"Jaime is an Awesome photographer!! It happened to rain on the day our shoot was scheduled, but Jaime was up for the challenge. When we couldn't find a suitable building at our first location, she was willing to drive to the next town for something more suitable. She was very professional and didnt make us feel rushed at all!! Im already looking forward to our next session in December!!"- Tracie Martin

"Jaime and Mac Warren are so fun and easy going, which makes them a dream to work with. They take amazing photographs, but don't charge an arm and a leg. I would recommend JW Photography to everyone!!!" - Amber Rykard

 "I always went to Wal-mart to get pictures done. They rush and take about 30 minutes to take about 10 pictures. Jaime was patient and didn't rush. We had fun the whole time and didn't realize that it had been 2 hours (that was with changing location) and had a bunch of pictures to choose from. I love the pictures that she took!!! I can't wait to use her again!!!" - Michelle Simpson

"LOVE your work, im a friend of christina and g murphy. those pics we thought were out there and we couldnt picture what the outcome were gonna be (out in the field), turned out awesome. i know who im gonna use for pictures and who im recomending for photographers..JW PHOTOGRAPHY." - Shelly Bryan