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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Beautiful Best Friend : Middle Georgia Photographer

Let me preface this by giving you a little background information.  I met Melissa 20 years ago in wood shop in the 7th grade.  We bonded over our mutual love for New Kids on the Block.  From that point on we were pretty much inseperable.  As with any friendship, we have been through a lot, but, we always came back to eachother.  Honestly, calling her my best friend really isn't fitting.  She's my sister.  Her mom is like my 2nd mom and her father was my 2nd father.   I know that I can call her with anything and she will always listen.  I know that I can act like a complete idiot and she will never hold it against me.  I know that she would go above and beyond for me and for my girls.  It is rare to come across someone who will love you, believe in you and stand by you through anything.  She accepts my "unique" personality with grace and love.  She always has. 

We have stood at eachother's sides through the loss of her father, through my wedding, through the birth of my children and her son.  She has held my hand, even when I wanted to pull away and run for the shadows.  I am forever grateful for her and there will never be enough words to express how much she means to me.

She came down for our 15 year highschool reunion (ack! really?!  15 years!!!!!)  and we had a wonderful time together.  When she pulled out of my driveway I cried like a baby.  I know she's only a phone call away, but, it's altogether different when she's right here, by my side.  On her last morning here we took off and did a quick photo shoot.  She was my first subject back in photography class my sophmore year...so it was, for me, coming full circle. 

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Nickname unavailable said...

You made me cry! I love you more than you will ever know sweetie! My sister!!!!

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