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Monday, May 16, 2011

Boatright Wedding : Middle Georgia Wedding Photographer

Let me preface this post by saying; "I love my job."  Seriously.  LOVE it.  And just one of the many reasons that I love it is because I get to meet fabulous people like Chelsea and Brandon.  From the first moment I met Chelsea I liked her tremendously - she was just as laid back and easy going as I was and I had no doubts that I would love shooting her wedding.  When the big day arrived I couldn't wait to get there to see how everything had come together. 

Pulling into the driveway of what can only be described as the most "jaw-dropping" home I have ever seen was quite the experience.  Talk about a photographer's dream!  The entire home was just stunning and so rich in color and texture.  And Chelsea's eye for color was icing on the cake.  Everything - from the amazing shoes (I mean, seriously amazing!!) to the flowers just popped.  Chelsea also has an incredible eye for detail...everything was amazingly detailed, right down to the hanger her dress was hanging on!

Chelsea was surrounded by some of the most loving and attentive people - they were there for her every step of the way, whether it was helping her into her dress or slipping her shoes on for her.

I love this next set of shots - the way her dad is helping her and the way her step-daughter is looking up at her - so sweet!

I love these photos of Chelsea and her dad, so, so sweet....

I had the best time hanging out with Brandon and his groomsmen - these guys had me laughing the entire time. I wasn't surprised to find out that Mac had hit it off with them while shooting them getting ready - they were all laughing and joking by the time they made it to me to have their shots taken.  They all had me laughing so hard that my I could barely snap the shots!

I just love this shot that Mac snapped of the cake - love it!

Chelsea and Brandon's ceremony was beautiful and touching.  As soon as Chelsea walked out to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" the tears started.  It took all I had not to start crying too!

Chelsea and her family lost her mom not too long ago - part of the reason why she felt so strongly about having photos of her wedding - both the formal and not so formal. While I was shooting the ceremony I caught some amazing sun flare...and a rainbow. Rainbows hold a very special place in Chelsea's heart and catching this one just solidified her feeling that her mom was there, watching over all of them.

There was a special chair set up in honor of Chelsea's mom, right next to her dad...she stopped to place a flower on the chair before joining Brandon....

I absolutely loved both Chelsea's and Brandon's families and friends.  They were so kind and SO much fun to work with!! 

I love this next shot - the way the little kids are looking on as Chelsea and Brandon share a sweet kiss - precious!

After the family photos, it was time to take Chelsea and Brandon off by themselves while everyone went to the reception.  They were both so willing to do whatever it took (including getting dirty lol!!) to get the shots.  They are truly a stunning couple!

This shot that Mac caught cracks me up - Brandon's facial expression is priceless!!

This ring shot is very special - the photo is Chelsea's mother on her wedding day.  Chelsea's grandmother brought a small photo album of her mother and father's wedding photos to share with Chelsea on her own special day.

At the end of the evening it was time for the newlyweds to make their exit and head out to Jamaica.  Their family and friends stood by waiting to throw (or perhaps a better word is assault? lol!!) them with bird seed:

I can't be sure but I think Chelsea and Brandon may have carried an entire bag of bird seed with them on their honeymoon lol!!

Chelsea, Brandon, we enjoyed our time with you so much - you were both wonderful and kind and so much fun.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love ♥

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